Most Firefighters Can’t Pass This Firefighters Slang Quiz!

Two men are pictured wearing firefighter hats and smiling while one give the
Brittany Murray/MediaNews Group/Long Beach Press-Telegram via Getty Images

Firefighters do a lot more than just put out fires. Firefighters will be your hero in an earthquake, flood, terrorist act, and many other situations big or small. The child locked themselves in the car? Fire department. A kitten is stuck in the sewage line? Fire department. Can’t exit through the door? Fire department.

Their uniform can withstand greater heat than most materials on Earth. Their faces have to remain shaven and unpierced to tightly secure on their masks. And when they go into a burning building, it’s almost impossible to see or hear. With such serious duties, they have to have a little humor. Here are a few slang terms that might throw-off even the most avid firefighter fans.