Do You Have An Eye For Fashion? Match These Iconic Outfits To Their TV Shows And See!

White Oak Pictures/MGM Television/Hulu via MovieStillsDb
White Oak Pictures/MGM Television/Hulu via MovieStillsDb

The world of television seems more competitive than ever these days, with so many streaming services all fighting for our attention. And while they can all build some loyal followers with interesting premises, strong characters, and imaginative writing, each of these platforms’ TV shows has to hook us before we stay for those other qualities.

To do that, a new show has to look as interesting as it sounds, and while a vibrant setting can certainly help achieve that, it’s easy to underestimate how much difference an eye-catching outfit can make as well. And the better you can pick out where each of these classic costumes came from, the more successful those shows were at doing that.

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