Solve The Mystery Of Who Fits Your Personality The Best From Glass Onion

Kate Hudson Katheryn Hahn and Leslie Odom Jr. lookig at phone in Glass Onion
T-Street/Netflix via MovieStillsDb
T-Street/Netflix via MovieStillsDb

When it hit theaters, Knives Out was celebrated as a tense, smart mystery that also appealed to viewers with a slightly dark sense of humor. And it also gave us an engaging and entertaining detective in the form of the brilliant Benoit Blanc.

But while some may have gone into Glass Onion expecting a sequel, they got a whole new mystery with an entirely different set of characters for Blanc to match wits with. And while it could be a little hard to tell some of the Thrombeys apart as people, the characters we meet this time couldn’t be more different. And that makes it all the more fun to find out which one is your personality twin.

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