Can You Name The Flower From One Captivating Image In This Picture Perfect Challenge?

large flowers with ridged petals
Timo C. Dinger/unsplash
Timo C. Dinger/unsplash

One of the most popular pastimes for the outdoorsy types in our lives is gardening. It can be a lot of work and prone to some frustrating setbacks, but there’s something very rewarding about filling your surroundings with life. And it’s hard to get more hands-on than working in the dirt.

But while it’s certainly useful to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs to supplement your meals, such plants don’t typically add a lot of color or personality to a garden. That’s what makes flowers such an attractive natural decoration. But to know what kind of flowers you want, it helps a lot to know what each one is called. And that’s why we’ve put this challenge to you: Can you identify all these flowers?

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